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SOCS sport and Co-Curricular has transformed the way we communicate and organise our activities program. It's been tremendously helpful for parents and students to keep up to date with fixtures and events.

Ian Williams

Director of Sport, Ellesmere College

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SOCS sport helps us stay on top as well as keeping our staff, players and parents informed.

David Faulkner

Director of Sport, Millfield School

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SOCS calendar helps us to be a better organised school, with clearer communication both internally and with the wider community.

Alastair Dunn

Deputy Head, Scholarship & Extension, Wellington College

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One of the best things about SOCS is their willingness to listen to feedback and implement changes which help busy schools work even more efficiently.

Cath Holmes

Assistant Head, Director of Co-Curricular, Gordon's School

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SOCS sport has removed duplication in recording and reporting results, has been warmly welcomed by our parents and community and has made team selection a breeze.

Paul Fleischack

Deputy Rector, Michaelhouse

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A must have for any school - an excellent and effective communication tool which can save a great amount of administration time. SOCS sport and co-curricular has revolutionised the way we work.

Tom Hockedy

Head of Boys’ Physical Education, Berkhamsted School

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SOCS sport and co-curricular have transformed the way we operate and process sport on a large scale.

Mike Harrison

Director of Sport, Eastbourne College

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The new School calendar and the sports website have both been extremely successful.

Sarah Dearden

Website and Media Manager, Hampton School

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SOCS has contributed massively to the organisation and structure of the whole school.

Jo Morgan-Hughes

Director of Sport, Millfield Prep School

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SOCS co-curricular lets me see the big picture and is helping keep track of participation and attendance.

Al Macewen

Deputy Head (Co-Curricular), Bradfield College

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Our school website is very user friendly and incredibly easy to keep up to date.

Tates Lisoire

Marketing Director, Whitgift School

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The SOCS school calendar gives parents a simple to use online calendar which can be accessed across a whole range of devices, including mobile phones.

Bornie Lamotte

Director of Marketing, St George's School for Girls

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With the ever changing demands of a sports programme SOCS sport is essential. It significantly improves perception from the entire school body.

Greg Thurstans

Director of Sport, Royal Russell School

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SOCS sport is used by all teams in all sports across both the Junior and Senior School at Warwick and it provides a most efficient and effective source of information for staff, pupils and parents. Our old sports noticeboards are now redundant.

Geoff Tedstone

Director of Sport, Warwick School

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The SOCS platforms are providing us with the framework to improve tracking and communication across all our co-curricular activities. The website and IOS functionality keep our parents fully up to speed on everything that is going on in real time.

Jamie King

Assistant Head: Dulwich Sport, CCA and Community, Dulwich College, Shanghai

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SOCS has helped us to raise the profile, structure and status of sport at Rokeby to new levels. Communication with parents, Pupil tracking as well as providing prospective parents with information regarding the sport have been seen as key advantages.

Ben Moir

Director of Sport, Rokeby School, Surrey

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SOCS sport & co-curricular has been of much benefit to us in regards to our all round communication to parents and players as well as school staff. The ease for tracking pupil loads, participation levels as well as results distribution and analysis has been very simple and easily accessible.

Alan Lion-Cachet

Director of Sport, St John's College

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SOCS sport has been a fantastic addition for parents, and students love it. It is staff-friendly and is a helpful tool for all Directors of Sport.

Steve Adams

Director of Sport, Gresham's School

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