SOCS Transport

SOCS Transport provides everything you need to manage your school’s transport offering. Getting started is quick and easy. School buses can be set up in seconds and parents can book onto regular routes and stops with ease.

icons_logomark Transport Features:

  • Bus Routes

    Bus routes and stop bookings for parents.

  • Daily Moves and Changes

    Easily move someone to a different bus stop for the day, or to a different bus, or off the bus completely.

  • Flexible Buses

    Late Bus, drop offs and walking home all catered for.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Identify who might miss the bus due to a music lesson, after school club, sports fixture or because they are out of school.

  • Communication

    Bus information is published to the SOCS parent and pupil log in area in real time. Email lists are easily generated at the click of a button.

  • Registration

    Bus monitors and drivers can mark attendance via desktop, tablet, mobile and paper registration.

  • Key Information

    Registers display possible conflicts, expected head counts, medical detail, contact info and daily or termly notes per pupil.

  • Reports

    Reports, billing and more!

SOCS Transport integrates with all SOCS modules used by over 900 schools in the UK and abroad.